How well people cope with life’s unpredictability directly influences their performance, at work and at home.

Whilst we all have a base level of resilience, the challenges we face can affect our wellbeing over time.

“Resilience is your adaptability in times of uncertainty, trauma or stress, whether that be at home, at work, with your relationships, your finances or your health.”

The fact is health is a dynamic state of complete physical, mental, emotional
& spiritual wellbeing:

Our pioneering approach is based on the biopsychosocial model of health.
The biopsychosocial model is a modern humanistic and holistic view of the
human being. Current methods and definitions of ‘wellbeing’ aren’t telling
the full story, often only focussing on mental or physical health.




Health and fitness levels and lifestyle choices



Understanding your own ability and coping with daily stress



Awareness of thoughts, feelings and behaviours and how to manage them



Realising your potential and inner purpose

Better outcomes:

More resilient individuals are stronger, more focused and more fulfilled, leading to increased performance, in and out of the workplace.


The stoic philosophy of Epictetus:

Life as a slave was full of suffering and uncertainty, with a constant threat of violence, execution or mistreatment. Despite this, Epictetus believed that a person could still live a good life regardless of their situation, it is all down to how we manage our thoughts and how we view the world. His own method of remaining resilient involved constant reminders of what was within his control and what was not.

Through years of research we have determined that resilience is made up of 7 key drivers in someone’s life, which can be measured and improved. These drivers are intrinsically linked to a person's ability to maintain their performance through adversity and challenges.


To cope with and move on from traumatic events

Maintaining Your Perspective

To manage stress effectively so that it doesn’t overwhelm you.

Your Energy

To strengthen your ability to persevere by maintaining good mental and physical health.

Focussing Your Mind

To manage your thoughts constructively by challenging negatives, focusing on positives and avoiding overthinking.

You & Me

To build and maintain positive personal and professional relationships.

The Future You
Managing Your Feelings

To control your emotions effectively by identifying and managing both positive and negative feelings.

To continually self-develop by setting ambitious but realistic goals and working hard to achieve them.

This forms the foundation of The Resilience Index   which exists to help both businesses and individuals identify where they are at any point in time.



“While some people fall apart and never make it through difficult times, many others emerge from conflict and turmoil renewed and transformed and with a new lease on life.
I wanted to understand why people coped so differently.”


Amit Oberoi, Founder

Harness resilience to be your competitive advantage