The Resilience Index 


Understand how your people are doing and what's holding them back, quickly and at scale.


Assess & Report

Contextual and predictive data for your business instantly


From this you can determine;


The current, specific factors and scenarios impacting the performance of your teams


The short, medium and long term
outlook for your people


Where and how to support and
develop your people


The Resilience Index   is our flagship online assessment
and impact reporting tool.




As a business

Set benchmarks, monitor trends and gather insights to ensure systems and structures are working, at a global, office and team level. 

As an individual

Assess where you’re at to better understand why you feel a particular way and compare your progress over time.


Image by Andrew Neel

Do you know the impact of resilience on your business?


of your people want to
improve their resilience


of your people don’t feel comfortable sharing how they really feel at work


of Gen Z are stressed and / or
anxious constantly