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Employee Resilience Programme


Do you know how resilient your workforce is?


Why does it matter? Well, the health & wellbeing of employees is now an integral part of most organisations, and ensures you attract the right talent.


But how do you know if those employees are up to the task?


How do you know if stress is affecting their performance?


What if lack of sleep is leading to increased absences?

Our approach is carried out in three stages.

Baseline Assessment

We will connect you to our wearable biofeedback device that will determine your current resilience levels 

Insights Report

Gain insights on sleep, recovery, stress and overall wellbeing,

plus our recommendations

Resilience Plan

Tailored solutions to address the highlighted areas and improve your resilience score

Baseline Assessment and Report

Conduct a baseline assessment of the workforce via biofeedback to determine current levels of resilience across the following parameters:


  • Sleep

  • Recovery

  • Stress

  • Overall wellbeing

Our partnership with Firstbeat allows us the latest technology to identify assessment and provide bespoke programs.


Following the three day assessment, we can compile the data and provide a report with insights on sleep, recovery, stress and overall wellbeing, plus our recommendations.

Resilience Plan

Once we identify the baseline through our diagnostic methods we then can tailor our solutions, to assist with improving performance across the specific pillar(s) that requires support (Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual).


  • Peak performance training (Brain training)

  • Workshops / Presentations (Burnout, Resilience)

  • Personal development plans – Goal setting

  • Wellness retreats and team building activities

The Benefits

The Heart Math Institute has collected data on 5,500 people that have undergone biofeedback interventions for periods of up to 9 weeks, they reported significant improvements in the following areas:


  • 50% less fatigue related errors

  • 46% less anxiety

  • 60% less depression

  • 24% better focus

  • 25% Better decision making

  • 25% better at listening

  • 30% better sleep

  • 25% less presenteeism – (more active at work)



Increase in resilience = greater life satisfaction and quality of life, increase productivity at work.

Tied back to People strategies – collective mindfulness, more productive and happy employees,

less incidents, accidents.

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