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Student Resilience Programme


The Programme consists of building resilience, developing and managing emotional and behavioural control to sustain longer lasting learning outcomes.  


The first session is a discovery session to understand the current nature of the student and to establish a baseline.


A combined training protocol of neurofeedback (commonly called brain training) and coaching will be designed to ensure a mind-body connection is improved to assist students to improve learning outcomes. 


The literature reports atypical responsivity to sensory stimuli may be as high as 95% in individuals with emotional regulation issues. These sensory symptoms can be far worse than feeling of discomfort with clothing and food and create a sense of emotional, behavioural overactivity such as anxiety, and create additional learning, behavioural and social challenges.


The purpose of a combination of neurofeedback and coaching training is to train the body to improve the nervous system function by correcting the imbalance in the nervous system.


The autonomic nervous system (fight/flight) response is high and by turning on the parasympathetic (rest and digest) response, this will help to reduce the 'anxiety' caused by ANS sensory activation and therefore improve learning. This process has been outlined in Biomedical update titled “The autonomic nervous system, sensory disorders and learning”.

Neurofeedback training
Impact and Results

Whilst the sessions are aimed at 40 minutes in duration they may run longer or be slightly shorter. Aim for one hour each visit.


We anticipate changes to occur within 10-15 sessions and longer lasting performance improvements to occur after 20 sessions this is a rough guide as each individual is different so therefore results may vary. We will establish a log, pre-and post training and perform regular reviews and map the results.

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