Our Approach

Our pioneering approach analyses and strengthens resilience across the 4 pillars of the human condition

Health and fitness levels and lifestyle choices

Understanding your own ability and coping with daily stress

Awareness of thoughts, feelings and behaviours and how to manage them  

Realising your potential and inner purpose

To identify an individual’s focus areas, we break these down into 7 key factors.

The Resilience Factor Index

Individuals assess their resilience via our online tool. This gives them an overall resilience score and identifies which key factor(s) they need to focus on at that point in time.

This isn’t a one-time score. The key is to index regularly to continually monitor and develop your resilience.

Individual plans

We create individuals a quarterly personalised plan, identifying where and how they can improve, based on their index results.

Your stats
Your resilience score across each key factor

Key focus areas and personal anchors
Recommended daily actions for developing your resilience

Foundation anchors

Positive daily habits that form your starting point for building resilience

How it works for individuals



Take the assessment to get a resilience score and identify your area(s) of focus. This should take no more than 6 minutes.



Receive a quarterly personalised plan with simple actions you can immediately introduce to your daily routine.



Strengthen your resilience and start thriving, at home and at work.

How it works for businesses

You complete our online index to gain an understanding of our tool and what to expect.



We send your employees an email with a unique link to complete the index and get their resilience score.



We create you regular, tailored reports, providing detailed data, trends over time and actionable analysis.



Actionable insights to
improve performance

Our tool allows you to monitor resilience trends at a global, national, regional, city, office, team and individual level, and identify where and what support is needed.


Our tailored reports can be used to inform candidate selection, competency assessments and personal development. It can also indicate the success of existing wellbeing programmes and help shape wellbeing strategies.