It all starts with

The Resilience Index


All you need to know. Whether your business is at the start of its journey into understanding staff wellbeing, or fine tuning, we provide you with the right insight, at the right time.





The current mood of your business

1 x index + guidance snapshot


  • Resilience score - company wide 
  • Comparative averages

  • Demographic breakdown

  • Team/ Department breakdown

Index Plus



The short, medium and long term outlook for your business

4 x index + guidance per year

plus all Index   features

  • Trends analysis and reduced performance indicators

  • Predictive analytics

  • Key Driver content


Index Pro



The effectiveness of your wellbeing systems and structures

Unlimited index + bespoke reporting

plus all Index Plus   features

  • Program success analysis
    (Linking data with programs
    and action)


Harness wellbeing to help your business