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Case Studies

Dimi Papadatos, World no.154 Professional Golfer

Dimi began the program in November 2016 his ranking was over 1000 in the world.

Dimi sought out the services of The Resilience Factor to help him with his poor performance and to understand why he was not performing as per his expectations.

The Program we applied to Dimi identified that improvement was required for mental arousal and conditioning.

Dimi’s performance improved tenfold, culminating with a Win in the Victorian PGA 2017 and WA PGA 2017. His performance has raised commentary from golfing coaches, media outlets and management agencies throughout the sport.

He was awarded 2017 Australasian PGA Golfer of the year. Dimi finished T2 at the Australian Open 2018, culminating in two years of coaching.

NSW Family & Community Services

Providing wellness solutions for the Department of Ageing and Home Care – FACS workforce is experiencing a once in a generation change management initiative. (current delivery of service will be transferred to the NDIS 2018.)

This change has had unprecedented impact of the workforce and as a consequence we have been engaged to provide wellness solutions.

Our solutions have been primarily implemented to building resilience and upskilling the workforce to reutilise their skill set in a contemporary model.


Success measure:

Since inception of the program no additional demands on the workcover compensation and reduction of stress related claims 100%.