Our Purpose

is to help every individual lead a better, more meaningful life, at home and at work.

Our story

The Resilience Factor is the result of years of research by neuroscientist, global risk practitioner and ex-sportsperson, Amit Oberoi.

I have seen first-hand the effects of burnout and mental ill-health. With a goal to help people reach their best, I made the decision to collaborate with other scientists to research the concept of resilience and performance.


Life isn't easy. It’s impossible to live deeply and not feel pain or go through times of crisis. What’s not obvious is the crucial role that pain, suffering and crisis play in the process of growth and evolution. 


While some people fall apart and never make it through difficult times, many others emerge from conflict and turmoil renewed and transformed and with a new lease of life. I wanted to understand why people coped so differently.


Attending the International Society for Neuroregulation and Research, I spoke to global industry experts on the question of what resilience looks like in the brain. Understanding the neurobiological mechanisms that contribute to resilience in humans is the key to developing better-targeted interventions for strengthening resilience.


After much research and support from leading minds in the industry, I formulated an approach to determine what resilience is and how an individual can Assess it, Act upon it and thus Achieve, ultimately enhancing performance in every part of their life. This is The Resilience Factor.


The Leadership

Amit Oberoi


As an ex sportsperson, neuroscientist and global risk practitioner for over 20 years, Amit knows how to help people reach their best. He also knows first hand what true resilience is. Being a keen sceptic helps. Founding The Resilience Factor is Amit's way of achieving his goal of helping at least 1 million people.

Adam McVicar


Adam has built a career developing and launching products and startups, with both successes and failures along the way. He closely identifies with the 4 pillars of resilience and how positive habits drive peak performance. His laser focused goal is to bring The Resilience Factor to people in all corners of the globe.

The Advisors


Tim is passionate about health and wellness services and innovative digital technologies that sustain behavioural change. In 2016 Tim set up Beyond Movement for Virgin Active and has invested in and advised for companies including LiveSmart, Firstbeat UK, LYS Technologies and EyeGym.

Dr. Leslie

Dr. Sherlin is one of the world’s leading experts on the neuroscience of high performance. He has led research partnerships with Red Bull North America’s High-Performance Center, USA Track & Field, US military Special Operations Forces, local and federal level law enforcement agencies and professional sports teams.

Dr. James

Co-founder Evoke Neuroscience. Dr. Thompson's work specializes in the research, development, application, market strategy and commercialization of medical technology. 

Dr. Moshe

Dr Perl is a Specialist in Clinical Psychology, Behavioural Medicine and Neuropsychology. 

He brings vast knowledge and support neurotherapy and psychology techniques.

Dr. Savvas Neophytou

Partner and Head of Life Sciences at Deepbridge Capital. Savvas also enjoyed a 15 year career in the City, working as an investment banker and was CEO of telemedicine business Now Healthcare Group.

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