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Now, more than ever, individuals and businesses need resilience. Resilience to cope/deal with/tackle/over come/conquer the challenges life throws at you. 

Our mission is to equip all people with the tools they need, so throughout life they have the confidence to overcome adversity.


Based on years of neuroscientific research and supported by the leading minds in the space globally, The Resilience Factor has been developed to enable people to understand, and act on, the signals their body is sending them.

We sit at the intersection of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual to help answer the question: How Resilient Are You?

Our Founding team

Amit Oberoi

Founder and CEO

As an ex sportsperson, neuroscientist and global risk practitioner for over 20 years, Amit knows how to help people reach their best. He also knows first hand what true resilience is. Being a keen sceptic helps. Founding The Resilience Factor is Amit's way of achieving his goal of helping at least 1 million people.

What you didn't know:

  • He trains most mornings at 5am

  • His german shepherd is called Shera

Adam McVicar

Co-Founder and COO

Having spent his career developing products and launching startups, as well as coming back from a serious knee injury, Adam closely identifies with the 4 pillars of resilience. Being the drummer to Amit's lead singer he has a laser focused goal of bringing The Resilience Factor to people in all corners of the globe.

what you didn't know:

  • Adam regularly competes in endurance events

  • He can actually play the drums

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