We are an insights engine, allowing organisations to understand their people quickly, at scale.



The working paradigm has shifted. Businesses and their people must work together in the pursuit of the same goal, betterment. The Resilience Factor serves people to improve humanity.*

* That might sound like a bold statement but we stand behind it. Resilience is something every individual posseses and can cultivate throughout their life. Resilience increases your capacity and ability to achieve.

The path to achieve mutual success is through trust and transparency. Businesses must trust their employees to tell them how they are and what they need. They must then use that information exchange to transparently deliver the right support and development tools to their people, where it’s needed.

The Resilience Factor exists to provide the metrics and tools to help people and organisations perform better.

“Our clients differ in size, industry and maturity but all share one common goal, to help their people be better versions of themselves.”


Amit Oberoi, Founder

Know what makes you tick.

Humanity is facing an existential crisis; the way we work and live. Measure its impact.


Work and home life
boundaries are blurred.

Business and individual success are inextricably linked. Identify how you both can win.


We have to work together.

The power to effect positive change is a two way street. We must both offer and accept help.

Harness resilience to be your competitive advantage

Image by Lukas Blaskevicius