how does your business cope?

The psychological and physiological well-being of your staff (resilience) directly impacts the success of your business.

How do YOU measure resilience?


What is Resilience?

Resilience is an individual’s capacity to maintain his or her psychological and physiological well-being on an ongoing basis, even after hardship or struggle,

or during stressful events.

for business

Your staff are your business. Understanding how they are equipped to cope with trauma both in and out of work has a significant impact on performance.


How resilient is your business?

for individuals

Have you ever stopped and thought 'why do I feel like this'? Understanding what signals your body is sending is the first step in coping with what life throws at you, now and in the future.


How resilient are you?

Increased personal resilience = greater life satisfaction and quality of life leading to increased productivity at work.

Amit Oberoi - CEO

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