What is the mood of your business?

Understand when your people are struggling, surviving or thriving, and why. 


There hasn’t been a universal measure

for wellbeing, until now.


We believe that in great organisations staff wellbeing and the financial bottom line go hand-in-hand.


We know factors such as anxiety and stress are common and we know they impact performance, often resulting in burnout and churn.


But without measuring ‘what’ and understanding ‘why’ how can you possibly know what to do about it?

Business chiefs


Understand your people

How is the health of your people?


How does that compare?

Help your people help your business.



Understand yourself

How is your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health?

How does that compare?

Help your company help you.

Business support leaders

Understand how to support and develop your colleagues. 

Do you have the right data to make sure everyones goals are aligned?

The old v the new

The term ‘wellbeing’ is used freely but in reality it’s multi-layered and can mean different things to different people. That’s before you even attempt to measure it.


We built The Resilience Index   because we wanted to find a way to assess an individual’s resilience, holistically, across the four domains of health, not just mental and physical health. It’s the inter-relationships between them that determines how we deal with events in life.

Be part of the new, not the old. 



of people aren’t working to their
full potential


spent by employers on health interventions see a return of £7 in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover.

Sharpen your focus

Using our tools, your business can identify, understand and address previously unseen problems.

We enable you to assess, measure and track the wellbeing, specifically the Resilience, of your people, at scale.


Harness wellbeing to help your business